Halco Roofing Services

Halco Roofing specializes in doing new and used shingle roofing, with an array of accessory services listed below.

New construction

Have a new house or building that needs a shingle roof? We can help with that.


Our most common practice is re-roofing residential homes where we strip every last shingle off, clean and repair the underlying sheets or boards before installing the new shingles.


Custom hand crafted flashing perfectly fitted for your home. No home is built 100% the same, and so the same flashing for one house may not fit the same structure of house properly. We will come and measure the requirements prior to preparing the flashing being installed.


Just need a small repair from weather or rodent damage? No problem we can have something like this scheduled next day with extreme urgency and adequate solutions.


Again, urgency is a priority here and we can work with you to get your leaky roof fixed sooner than later. We will find the source of the problem, replace any rotten wood, and apply special care to those trouble areas.


Are you sure your roof has proper ventilation? Without it you can end up with black bold in your attic or worse. With every quote we give out, you can be sure that enough ventilation has be included with the option of adding wind turbines.

Skylights –

Most skylight work requires a fair amount of custom fab, whether it be custom made flashing, or hand crafted frames as not all manufactured skylights will fit perfectly with every roof. With something as important as a skylight on your roof, you want to make sure it’s installed by someone with experience and the ability to improvise for unforeseen surprises. You also want a top of the line skylight itself, and Halco Roofing uses only the best with Velux.